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On this app, you can view current and previous WODs. Try to get in the habit of logging results. Once you’ve set your personal fitness goals, you can to track your progress. Share on social media when you’ve reached milestones, or are proud of a new personal record. Review your data anytime to determine your strengths and weaknesses and reassess personal goals.

This tool can help you take a holistic approach at self-improvement. If used in conjunction with other data (e.g., medical test results, food/diet log, mood journal, etc.), you can provide yourself with empirical evidence, of not your current physical fitness level and an accurate view of your overall well-being.

If you’re competitive by nature, or if you’d ever like a little extra recognition, choose to highlight your personal victories (Optional).

The Social Feature of the member app is a great way to stay focused and motivated. Like or Comment on fellow members’ accomplishments. Provide and receive encouragement, tips, support, and congratulations.